Costume, Set & Corporate Design,
Creative Direction & Production


Julia Eisenburger is an industry expert in the fields of art, film, theater, photography, fashion, corporate fashion/product design and advertising for over 20 years.

Growing up riding horses in the Austrian countryside, she is fluent in Italian, French, German and English. She graduated cum laude from The Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising in Los Angeles and won a prestigious scholarship to study Haute Couture at the Accademia Internazionale D’Alte Moda E D’Arte Del Costume Koefia in Rome.

Beginning her career at the PR agency Schoeller und von Rehlingen in Hamburg, she organized events for Davidoff, Armani, Mont Blanc, Ferragamo. Recruited to New York City, she collaborated with Amir Saeidiani doing concept + production for fashion shoots with Project Alabama Nathalie Chanin, PR for te Neues Verlag and Carlos Almaada Man Ray Restaurant. While studying at the FIDM in Los Angeles, Eisenburger was scouted by filmmaker Blake Edwards to star in his sequel of the movie 10, originally starring Bo Derek. Although an alluring opportunity, her love for art + design compelled Eisenburger to pursue the scholarship in Rome, earning a degree with honors in Haute Couture, the foundation of her expertise in Corporate Fashion Design.
Eisenburger founded her first company in Vienna at age 24, doing corporate/fashion product design, production, set/costume and window display design as well as consulting services and creative direction.
In 2021 she launched her first dress collection, Julia Eisenburger Studio.

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